The Trails Trust
the trails trust
Creating multi-user public rights of way
Joining The Trails Trust

The principle aim of the Trails Trust charity is to provide bridleways and byways for the use of all non-motorised users on foot, with a horse, on a bicycle, with a disabled vehicle.

TTT encourages members to work with landowners and land managers to upgrade existing footpaths to bridleway / byway and to create new bridleways / byways usually to complete a strategic gap in the existing network of rights of way and quiet lanes.

TTT will encourage and support members to carry out projects to create / upgrade / re-open and improve rights of way in the members local area to create safe community links and longer trails.

Membership fees

  • As a junior (17 and under) £10
  • As a single adult (18 and over) £14
  • As a family £18
  • Landowner (giving route) FREE

Fill in a membership form, and send to:
TTT Administration, Townsend Cottage, Townsend, Priddy, Wells, BA5 3BP

Please pay by standing order details on the membership form. TTT does not deal with cheques, cash or send out reminders. If you complete the standing order (SO) section we will send this to your bank. If you prefer to set up the SO yourself (this is our preferred option see bank details on the form) please leave this section blank. Choosing this method means that you can scan or photograph the form and return to thank you.